Dan, that amp sounded great! Especially when I hooked it up through that LTD speaker. I guess that is a JBL speaker right? At any rate, nice stuff there is no doubt!

Zane King


This tube amp is inspiring; it makes me want to keep playing and not get up from my steel guitar.

Johnny King


Guys I had a chance to try this amp and it really has the punch with really good tone. A reverb that is second to none that doesn't get that honky sound, and real clean. You owe it to yourself to try one. I was impressed.

J Parker


The best amp I have ever played, it blows the others away!

Vern Mandrell


Had a chance to play thru this amp and wow what clarity and sweet tone. Reverb is best I've ever heard. It truly sounds like a Fender Tube on steroids. Great Amp.

Dale Stacy