About Us - The Classic Tube Sound Story

    Classic Tube Sound is the progeny of two well respected companies, that of Beck Musical Instruments, and PAICO Sound. Beck Musical Instruments is a well-known manufacturer of high quality hand crafted pedal steel guitars, and Professional Audio Installation Company or (PAICO) is the leading audio installation company in the area. Working together, as they have for many years, a discussion started to emerge regarding an amplifier that could meet the unique needs of pedal steel guitar players. An amp with the warmth, and full sound that can only be achieved by using high quality tubes, with some unique features that most companies didn’t bother to include in production tube amps.

    After almost a year of deliberation, and with countless ideas discussed, a prototype was developed. The sound we achieved in this prototype was astonishing. With direct comparisons and countless testing, nothing was coming close to the sound we were producing. We followed our own testing by taking it on the road to multiple steel guitar shows to see what the players thought. The prototype was met with the same reaction from professional players and novice players that we ourselves had. Players like “Cowboy” Eddie Long and Mike Sigler were amongst our testers, and both loved the prototype.

    During this time we started getting more and more interest from six string guitar players. To our surprise the prototype sounded amazing with them as well. The same sound qualities we were striving to achieve for pedal steel players were what the six-string player loved as well. With this feedback we were ready to take this endeavor to the next stage of development.

    Now two years in, the resulting product is the Classic Vibe 100. The Classic Vibe 100 is the amp designed specifically for pedal steel players with one of two speaker choices, depending on what you prefer. The Classic Vibe 100 is also offered for six string guitar players with the same great craftsmanship and sound quality as its counterpart, with some minor changes to better enable it to deliver that punch and overdriven sound, with the use of effects pedals, that six string guitar players crave, but with the same great crisp clean sound and phenomenal onboard reverb that we have been praised for.

    Classic Tube Sound strives to build an amp that meets and exceeds your expectations and we believe we have done that with the Classic Vibe 100 series. We are a company formed to fill a void in the boutique amp industry. The idea for Classic Tube Sound amplifiers was originally brought forth from the lack of quality amps available today for guitar and pedal Steel guitar. Both instruments want two different sounds but want the same quality of sound. That led us to develop amps with such a quality sound, rich crisp highs, full bodied mids, and deep punchy lows. We are so proud of our Classic Vibe 100 series amp and we hope you love them as much or more than we do.

It’s the old fashioned sound you have been looking for!